Thursday, January 09, 2003

Elana's blogging will begin on a positive note

This picture was titled "This is how world peace begins".....I doubt it, but it's still too cute not to post!

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Let's start with a bang! the Darwin Award.
It goes to...Paul Kenneth Donahue, 50, and Teresa Marie Wood, 46, both from Maine, who decided to put a fake bomb in their luggage apparently to make a point. Point well taken, they are certifiable idiots.
...and this is why I NEVER speed through Tennessee
We recently drove from Canada to Florida (it only takes 30 hours!) and I am always careful not to speed through certain states, especially Tennessee and Georgia. Here is why.
French Rabbi stabbed in Paris
I am surprised this has not happened before given the openly antisemitic and pro-Arab stance of the French government and intelligentsia (read unemployed leftwing hags). I am waiting for the calls of "restraint". Also, let's not jump to conclusion here and fall into easy profiling. The fact that the man yelled "God is Great!" in Arabic does not mean anything. Just like the terrorist attack at the LA counter of El Al was never classifed as a terrorist attack, this one will probably be filed as "random act of violence". Sure.

And surely, this must be related: In 2002, French Jews left France at twice the rate they did in 2001.
Looks like Netanyahu may still be the next Israeli Prime Minister after all...
Things are shifting so rapidly in Israel right now that no one really knows what to think. Sharon is now in the midst of a huge scandal (so far nothing has been proven) to the point where a judge ordered that Sharon's press conference be shut down because he (the judged) considered it electoral campaigning! Only in Israel. Can you imagine someone pulling the plug on GWB in the middle of a speech?