Saturday, February 22, 2003

Funny and timely

Go watch this. My father and I got a really really good laugh out of it.
I am starting to warm up to the idea of separatism...
Lately, I have been reading a lot about separatist feelings in Alberta (for those who are not familiar with the geo-political reality of Canada, Alberta is the second western-most province, it has lots of oil, lots of natural gas, lots of cattle, kind of a Canadian Texas). And our dear Federal Government, headed by the illustrious Jean Cretin Chretien is certainly doing a great job alienating just about everyone in this country. Let's check out the latest Federal budget to put it into perspective.
The Federal Government used to contribute 50% of all health care costs. It now contributes only 14% of it but still imposes its will on the provinces who are left having to abide by certain federally imposed standards while not being provided the funding to do so. I have personally been waiting since November to see a specialist. I bet I could see one in the US the next day.
The Federal Government has let our armed forces become the laughing stock of the Western world. By planning to deploy 3,000 soldiers to Afghanistan, all experts agree that the Canadian army will be pretty much at the end of its capability. And on top of this, we have to rely on NATO to bring the troops there. And there is no money to buy new uniforms which would blend with the sand colour. Rather, Canadian soldiers make excellent targets with the standard green uniforms.
Because the Federal Government has been regularly stealing money from the provinces to balance its books, there is not enough money for education in the provinces and our schools are going from strike to strike, failure to failure.
Our foreign policy has been marked by a string of definite fence sittings. Chretien had to be literally kicked in the ass to go to Ground Zero over 4 weeks after September 11, refused to fire his press secretary who had publicly called Bush a moron, and has refused to support the US at the UN Security Council about Iraq. Canada used to be the US's main ally. We would barely register on the US scale now, having been eclipsed by England, Australia, Spain, Italy and a number of Eastern European countries. Chretien has yet to be invited to Bush's ranch.
The question is then...why remain within Canada? Two provinces, Alberta and Ontario fund the other 8 provinces which are all pretty much basket cases.
Other than liking the idea of Canada, why should anyone in their right mind want to stay in a confederation which has lost its soul, lost its principles and shows no sign of even being capable of producing any decent leadership? Why should we not join the US? Yes it has a lot that needs to be fixed, for instance its health care system and its fascination for guns. But here is a country which does more for democracy around the world, feeds more people around the world, provides more foreign, has a higher standard of living and education than we do in Canada. The last 10 years in Canada have seen the country's politics, infrastructure, social services and place in the world decline like never before. And there in no opposition to speak of to get us away from this self-destructive path we are on. Is it too late? I think it might be. Would I grab the opportunity to move to the US if it were in front of me? You bet.
Here is a flier that is being handed out across New Jersey by the idiot who runs

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Friday, February 21, 2003

The child is right...

Looks like we got a live one! Leorah, 9, arrived home from school today and insisted on showing me the "funniest thing I've ever seen on the internet". After weeks and weeks of anti-war protests, I can't help but think that she's wise far beyond her years.

The man installing hardwood floors into our living room arrived at our home at 10 a.m. this morning. It is now 1:45 p.m. and he has not stopped whistling since he arrived. If blogging ceases after this post, know that it's because I've hanged myself.
Breaking News

Refinery explodes on NY 's Staten Island.
Leorah's Site

I know that a bunch of our readers are total fans of my nine year-old sister's website, so I'm pleased to announce that I wasted spent my morning adding a sitemeter and a commenting service to the gem. She's absolutely desperate for people to send her a few nice comments, so do yourself a favor and make yourself smile by going over and seeing the updates she's made.

The Onion has a fantastically funny article about the 'Blood for Oil' debate.

Kenneth W. Parton from an organization called Americans For Non-Alternative Energy, writes:

I keep hearing the anti-war protesters chant, "No blood for oil! No blood for oil!" But what they never seem to say is exactly how much oil we're talking about. Don't you think that's pertinent information? Are we talking a gallon of oil for every 10 gallons of blood? Or is it more like 30 gallons of oil for every pint of blood? Because if it's the latter, maybe a blood-oil exchange would be a good idea.

In the first Gulf War, roughly 300 brave Americans lost their lives. Assuming that each of these soldiers shed an average of eight pints of blood, that works out to roughly a pint of American blood shed per 60 million barrels of Kuwaiti crude saved from the clutches of Saddam. If you ask me, that's a pretty darn good deal. If we can manage to swing a similar trade this time around, then I say, "Bombs away."

We should also know what kind of blood we're giving up. Is it O-positive, the universal donor? I'd be more reluctant to part with that than some useless AB junk. If Bush and Rumsfeld spill, say, 100,000 gallons of B-negative or AB-positive soldier blood for an equivalent amount of primo Mideast oil, that may be well worth considering.
A likely story

CNN reports that:

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- A mother has claimed that a genie circumcised her 10-month-old son while she was cooking breakfast, the Indonesian state news agency Antara reported Thursday.

"When I heard Riyan crying, I went straight to his bedroom and couldn't believe what my eyes saw," Riyan's mother, identified only as Ineng, told Antara. "He had been circumcised."

The family immediately suspected it was the work of a genie, belief in which is widespread in Indonesia. They summoned a local paranormal to the house who confirmed their suspicions, the report said.

Israeli spy drone the size of a credit card

JERUSALEM - Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) is developing a credit card-sized surveillance drone that transmits real-time images back to field commanders, a company official confirmed yesterday.

The 100-g drone was conceived by students at Israel's Technion Institute, who then approached IAI with the idea, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. In testing, the plane has flown for 20 minutes at a time, the official said. It can carry a lightweight camera and transmit images to a laptop or a palm-sized computer. The miniature plane can be launched by hand and does not need wheels to land. It is almost invisible from the ground, and cannot be detected by radar, the Haaretz daily said.

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Religion o' peace strikes again

Zamboanga City, Fifty heavily armed members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) raided the town of Kalawit last night and attacked houses with machineguns and grenades, killing 14 Christian civilians (including four children and a one-month old infant) and wounding four others, Army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Mayoralgo de la Cruz said. Three other residents are missing.

My American Foreign Policy class conducts a web message board on which students are expected to answer questions posed by the professor. When he asked us to name some of the central causes of terrorism in the world today, I listed Islamic fundamentalism. Lemme tell ya...never have I received so much criticism in my life! Students were acting as if I had said "chipmunks are the core cause of terrorism today". They thought my response was the most absurd thing they had ever heard. Clearly poverty was the central cause of terror, they said.

'Wisdom in the masses', my ass!

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Wow...the only government sponsored experiment that I was put through in high school was a hearing test.

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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Wonder how objective his lectures were! FBI charges Florida professor with terrorist activities
Of course, the man claims that he "abhors" terrorism. And I am pretty sure that Arafat hates violence.
Does anyone know if this guy made it onto Daniel Pipes Campus Watch site?

While the rest of the world is not paying attention...Sharon: No Palestinian capital in J'lem, [or] return of refugees into Israel
Have you noticed the incredible increase in the number of "cleanup" operations that the IDF has been running over the last 2 weeks or so? And have you noticed how silent the press has been about the whole thing? Now Sharon is basically stating that 2 of the most difficult issues about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are not even negotiable. I think that Sharon has already started relying on the domino theory which says that once Saddam is gone (in the next few weeks), other Arab countries are going to start feeling the pressure of democracy (especially seeing that the US soldiers will be greeted with open arms by their Arab brethren in Iraq). As well, Arafat and the PA will become completely irrelevant as Palestinians themselves will start pushing for democratic reforms and the end of the PA thugocracy. Maybe, maybe....we are getting closer to a situation where an Israeli-Palestinian federation will be created. Who knows.
Well, I am sure Chirac is going to really love this one...Peres questions France's status as permanent member of UN Security Council
Yep, no better way for Israel to endear itself to Saddam Jacques Chirac. And this comes from Shimon Peres of all people. He does have a point though. He suggests that India replace France. I haven't checked all the stats but I am pretty sure that India has a larger GDP than France, more population (1 billion vs. 60 million) and is a nuclear power. Seems like a pretty fair idea, especially given that without the US, England and Russia, France would have remained lower-Bavaria after WWII. I think that in the new world order after the UN self-destructs, France will be relegated to holding Francophonie summits with itself!
Taking a little trip...

I'm heading back to Toronto for reading week (Yay!). Blogging will continue when I finally get home (and yes, Toronto is definitely more "home" for me than Montreal). Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Can you tell the difference?

You thought both pictures were of Palestinian stone-throwers, didn't you? Actually, one of them is a Palestinian and the other is an anti-war demonstrator. So, which one's which? If you can't tell the difference, why should we? (And yes, I did steal that line from a Suave commercial...)

[Top photo via BitchGirls, who happen to have a bunch of shocking photos from last weekend's "peace" demonstrations that turned violent.]
Good for her

In the latest bizarre lawsuit arising from a reality TV show, a Los Angeles woman is suing the Sci-Fi Channel because she was a "nonconsenting and unwitting victim" of a hidden camera prank that caused her to believe that she was actually being chased by a space alien on a remote desert road in California.

[...]The stunt, Blanc claims, caused her to be hospitalized several times and to suffer "severe physical and emotional injuries and damages."

I hope she wins. Call me boring, but I'm getting a little tired of reality TV. And having people appear on these shows unwittingly will just cause a whole slew of similar lawsuits. If people want to go on American Idol and make absolute fools of themselves, fine, but don't involve people without their consent. You better believe I'd be pissed if I'd of been part of something like that. And yes, I probably would've run screaming into the desert too.

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Jews blamed for Columbia disaster

JPost reported that "Conspiracy theories blaming Jews and Israel for the disintegration of NASA space shuttle Columbia last month are circulating the Internet at an alarming rate, the Anti-Defamation League said Wednesday.

The online hate speech, tracked by the ADL on Web sites, chat rooms, bulletin boards and e-mails, includes allegations the US and Israel destroyed the Columbia to divert attention from the Iraq conflict, that Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon was a spy, and that Jews and Israelis were complicit in the shuttle's downing in order to gain sympathy for Israel.

The ADL's sources include a February 4 posting by author Gordon Thomas accusing Ramon of conducting secret military experiments in space, a February 17 article by Hong Kong journalist Yoichi Clark Shimatsu that accused the US and Israel of sabotaging the shuttle to ensure the crew's status as martyrs, and a message from radical British sheikh, Abu Hamza Al-Masri: "This is a divine message to the Israelis, saying that they are not welcome in space." Al-Masri made this comment to London-based daily Al Sharq Al-Awsat on February 4.


Every time I log onto, I'm confronted with this giant picture. Is it just me, or did poor Greta's plastic surgeon model her mouth after this man's?

I know, I know....below the belt...BUT c'mon! It's uncanny!
Fred Barnes (The Weekly Standard) debunks some of the most common myths paraded during last Saturday's pro-torture, pro-rape, pro-murder anti-war marches.
Sometimes, when telling right from wrong is so obvious, one has to wonder whether any kind of discourse with any of the imbeciles who marched is worth the effort.

(1) War will mean thousands of civilian casualties. If there's anything Saddam has produced in his nearly 25 years of rule in Iraq, it's civilian casualties. He ordered the gassing of thousands of innocent Kurds. He had thousands of Shiites murdered. His war against Iran caused tens of thousands of civilian casualties, and his invasion of Kuwait was marked by the killing of thousands of Kuwaiti civilians. Saddam has personally ordered the execution of thousands of Iraqis. He has allowed thousands of Iraqi children to die from starvation or lack of medicine.

Compare that with the few hundred civilians killed in Afghanistan by the U.S. military. In fact, the American intervention saved hundreds of thousands who would have starved to death otherwise. And in the 1991 Gulf War relatively few Iraqi civilians were killed. In truth, a war that deposes Saddam in Iraq will save civilian lives, thousands of them.

(2) It's a war for Iraqi oil. There's an easy way to get all the oil in Iraq that President Bush or anyone else might desire--and it's not war. No, the easy way is to lift sanctions on Iraq and make a deal with Saddam. He's eager to sell the oil and make money. And the United States doesn't need Iraqi oil anyway, what with Russian oil production coming on line. At the moment, America's problem is the cutoff of oil from Venezuela. A war for oil would oust President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Of course there is no such war planned, nor is there one to cut the price of oil. The price favored by Bush and the domestic oil industry--and producers like Saudi Arabia--will be restored when Venezuela is pumping fully again, probably soon.

(3) War in Iraq will stir a new wave of terrorism. We've heard this one before. The Gulf War, it was warned, would arouse the Arab street and subject Americans to a wave of attacks. That didn't happen. When the United States went into Afghanistan and, worse, bombed during Ramadan, it was supposed to prompt a worldwide uprising of Muslims, and Muslim terrorists in particular, against America. Again, that didn't happen. So when the Arab leader most hated by other Arab leaders--a leader who's far more secular than Muslim, is removed, it's highly unlikely to cause more terrorism. Most likely, the result will be less.

(4) Give the inspectors more time. This was a common cry at Saturday's antiwar demonstrations. But of course those cries were entirely disingenuous. By definition, the "stop the war" protesters don't want war, no matter what the United Nations inspectors in Iraq happen upon. The demonstrators are playing Saddam's delaying game: Let the inspections continue until support in the United States for military action in Iraq dissolves and war is averted. Then Saddam survives. The inspections ploy is further proof the left has given up wars of national liberation against oppressive dictators and is now in the business of saving oppressive dictators from wars of national liberation.

Boy, the Germans are really serious about the fight on terrorism
15 years in prison for a guy convicted of 3,000 counts of accessory to murder. This adds up to about 1.8 day in prison per murder.
But then again, most of the people killed were not sophisticated Europeans but rather "cowboys" from the US. So this makes it all OK, of course. I am guessing that with good behaviour, this guy will be out right on time for the next wave of terrorist attacks.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Check this out! There's a new service that allows me to blog by phone. All I have to do is subscribe for 3$ a month and then I get to create audio posts by calling the special number and leaving a message for them to post. It's instantaneous and actually pretty easy. Of course, my voice sounds ridiculous and I had the most moronic "test message", but click the link below and check it out anyway!

Powered by audblogaudblog audio post
This is just too good...

In keeping with our recent theme of shitting on the French, I give you Cindy Adams of the New York Post:

[...]We don't need your eau de crap toilet water because ... believe me ... without Americans to wear your schmattas, without Americans to subsidize your tourism, without Americans to save your ungrateful behinds war after war, you'd be just where you deserve to be - a suburb of Germany.

Mes enfants, vous can take votre French toast and shove it up your cafe au lait.

FRIG the frogs. Screw-ay les Francais. Up the French.

Your Matisse exhibition is here? We'll check out Grandma Moses. You have croissants? We'll eat bagels. You do L'Oreal? We'll do Revlon. Perrier? Club soda! For you, it's Cartier. For us, it'll be Winston. When it comes to champagne, we'll play Pop Goes the Weasel. In place of French wine, we'll order California.

[via Asparagirl]
Stupid stupid people!

This morning, in my "Governments and Politics of the Developed World" tutorial, a student stood up and said to the TA: "Do you think the professor would be willing to reschedule our midterm exam? 'Cause we're supposed to be having our "anti-war strike" on that day and many students will be missing class". I was so shocked at the sheer chutzpah that these stupid activists were showing, that I actually gasped. Then, I stood up and said "That's the point of a strike! You're supposed to be so committed to your little cause that you're willing to accept the consequences of your strike this case, missing your midterm! It defeats the purpose if you get everyone to work around your strike!". I think my response was especially biting 'cause I was kinda shouting and laughing (at her) while saying it.

Luckily, the TA said that the prof. would most likely refuse to change the date. But OH MY GOD!!....these idiots can't even protest properly! Can you imagine the nerve?

Ok, I'm done venting. Carry on.
'Non-alignment' meant 'anti-US' during the Cold War, so why should things be different now?

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Feb. 18 (UPI) -- Representatives of 114 countries began gathering in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur Tuesday for the 13th summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), predicted to rally most of the developing world behind a formal declaration against the prospect of war against Iraq.

[...]The NAM summit will be followed immediately by a special summit of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), also chaired by Malaysia's Dr Mahathir.

Gee, I wonder what the Organization of Islamic Countries' stance will be on this whole 'War on Them Terrorism'
This sucks
This afternoon at 2pm, I'm supposed to write an incredibly important midterm exam (important in the sense that it's worth 40% of my final grade), and yet here I sit, at 5:10am, awake with what might possibly turn out to be the worst case of step throat I've ever had, and with what would certainly turn out to be a fever if I had a thermometer to check. I cannot believe the luck....insomnia, fever and strep all at once. Of course, the only good news to come out of the story is that twice before in university, I've written exams while plagued with horrific illnesses, and scored over 90% both times.

Update: Oddly enough, after spending the night tossing and turning, I'm actually feeling significantly better than when I originally wrote this post. The fever and chills are gone, the sore throat has almost disappeared (thanks to sucrets and copious amounts of industrial strength mouth wash) and despite the lack of sleep, I'm surprisingly functional. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 17, 2003

He made a funny!

Prominent Republican Congressman Makes Quips About French Opposition to War

Roy Blunt, who represents the Ozarks, made a string of jokes at the Missouri Republican Convention about France's opposition to war.

"Do you know how many Frenchmen it takes to defend Paris? It's not known, it's never been tried," Blunt quipped Saturday, drawing guffaws and applause.

He didn't stop there.

"Somebody was telling me about the French Army rifle that was being advertised on eBay the other day the description was, 'Never shot. Dropped once.'"

Thank God for Tony Blair (Winston Blair as Andrew Sullivan calls him.
Here is a portion of the speech he delivered right after the millions of imbeciles marched this weekend:

Yes, there are consequences of war. If we remove Saddam by force, people will die and some will be innocent. And we must live with the consequences of our actions, even the unintended ones.
But there are also consequences of "stop the war".
If I took that advice, and did not insist on disarmament, yes, there would be no war. But there would still be Saddam. Many of the people marching will say they hate Saddam. But the consequences of taking their advice is that he stays in charge of Iraq, ruling the Iraqi people. A country that in 1978, the year before he seized power, was richer than Malaysia or Portugal. A country where today, 135 out of every 1000 Iraqi children die before the age of five - 70% of these deaths are from diarrhoea and respiratory infections that are easily preventable. Where almost a third of children born in the centre and south of Iraq have chronic malnutrition.
Where 60% of the people depend on Food Aid.
Where half the population of rural areas have no safe water.
Where every year and now, as we speak, tens of thousands of political prisoners languish in appalling conditions in Saddam's jails and are routinely executed.
Where in the past 15 years over 150,000 Shia Moslems in Southern Iraq and Moslem Kurds in Northern Iraq have been butchered; with up to four million Iraqis in exile round the world, including 350,000 now in Britain.
This isn't a regime with Weapons of Mass Destruction that is otherwise benign. This is a regime that contravenes every single principle or value anyone of our politics believes in.
There will be no march for the victims of Saddam, no protests about the thousands of children that die needlessly every year under his rule, no righteous anger over the torture chambers which if he is left in power, will be left in being.
I rejoice that we live in a country where peaceful protest is a natural part of our democratic process.
But I ask the marchers to understand this.
I do not seek unpopularity as a badge of honour. But sometimes it is the price of leadership. And the cost of conviction.
But as you watch your TV pictures of the march, ponder this:
If there are 500,000 on that march, that is still less than the number of people whose deaths Saddam has been responsible for.
If there are one million, that is still less than the number of people who died in the wars he started.
This morning...

This morning, before classes, I'll be attending a panel discussion about the Middle East. I'm assuming that the Israeli/Palestninan issue will be discussed as well as the possibility of war with Iraq. The interesting thing about it will be listening to Rex Brynen (who is known around campus as "Arafat's advisor") lead the discussion. I'll let you know how it goes later tonight.
Condi speaks...again

Twice in two days! We're being spoiled.

"Tyrants respond to toughness. That was true in the 1930s and 1940s, when we failed to respond to tyranny, and it is true today," she said on NBC's "Meet the Press."
As always, Orwell was right on.
Talking about the pacifists who were demonstrating against waging war on Germany, Orwell once said that "Pacifists objectively are pro-fascist" and that being against the war and trying to fight wartime activities in England, they indirectly helped Hitler.
How prescient. Yet, how sad that so many imbeciles fail to see the parallels between the rise of fascism and the heavy toll paid for waiting to deal with it and the situation with Iraq today. Tyrants do not go away. Tyrants always raise the ante to solidify their grip on power. Tyrants are bullies who have time on their side. The more one waits, the more powerful and frightening tyrants become. The cost of not removing them quickly becomes prohibitive.
The pacifists are at it again. They have failed to learn the lessons that History teaches us. Let's hope that Bush-Condi-Powell-Blair clearly see through all the disgusting anti-Americanism and stay the course.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Revolution is a beautiful thing...

MEMRI reports on the numerous criticisms that have faced Saddam in the Saudi media this week. There have been several calls for abdication, as well as others for Saddam to commit suicide.

D. Ali bin Shuwail al-Qarni, Chairman of the Board of the Saudi Society for Information and Communications and Associate Professor for Information at King Sa'ud University, wrote:

"As far as Iraq is concerned, the change [in regime] is inevitably coming with or without a war. But what will be the destiny of Saddam Hussein? Will His Highness abdicate his authority to prevent bloodshed and save the vital interests of Iraq as well the region's interests?"

If Saddam chooses not to abdicate he has no other choice to save the world of a disaster, says al-Qarni, "but to reach out to the suicide revolver and fire the shot of mercy to finish the tragedy which he has started."

I think so too.
Israel finds 3 barrels of what could be poisonous chemicals in the house of a Hamas terrorist killed Saturday.
If this proves to be true, it would be the first indication that a chemical war is being planned by terrorists. Nidal Farkhat was killed along with 4 others terrorists while they were testing model airplanes which had been fitted with tanks and spraying mechanisms. These were going to be launched into Israel. And of course, it is easy to make the link between these model airplanes and the chemicals found in the barrels. But of course, none of the millions who demonstrated on Saturday against the war on Iraq would give a damn if Israel was ever to be chemically burned or nuked. After all, the very presence of a successful Israel in the midst of 22 Arab countries characterized by centuries of poverty, illiteracy, human rights abuse and overall mediocrity is a black mark which needs to be eradicated.
Thank God Israel saved a few million lives by destroying the Ozirak nuclear reactor built by France while Chirac was prime minister. And Israel will do it once more by revealing to the world the extent of the threat from chemical weapons. I would suspect that one of the options being considered by Bush to get out of the corner he is in is to work with Israel to somehow get rid of Saddam. And Israel is probably the only country which could pull it off.
So many few comets!

How many of these idiots have ever protested against what Saddam has been doing to its own people? How many have risen against daily tortures, rape, assassinations? How many protested against Iraq when Kuwait or Iran were attacked? Who is brainwashing them? What kind of education systems produce such morons who cannot analyze a political situation beyond slogans and cheap causes? Is anyone for war simply out of pleasure or political expediency? Of course not. But being for peace when peace means millions of people living under a ruthless, brutal and illegal dictatorship in Iraq, and billions living under the threat of weapons of mass destruction being distributed to Islamic terrorists who measure their victories in thousands of body counts is simply not peace. This type of tyranny, of violence, of threat is a war. It is a war on civilization, it is a war on humanity. It is a war on our freedom. It is a war on our very existence. And for this reason, we must counter attack. We must destroy this enemy and those who support him. We must open the eyes of the millions of lemmings who marched on Saturday denouncing the victims while the perpetrator in Baghdad is pinching himself contemplating the depth of stupidity that has infected the Western world.
Well la-di-da

An Islamic advocacy group Sunday launched an advertising campaign designed to counter a rising tide of anti-Muslim rhetoric in the United States.

Muslims say they have faced hate attacks after Sept. 11, 2001. Through this media campaign, they say, they want to present an accurate picture of their religion.

First of all, why don't we ever hear anything about these brutal attacks to which Muslims have been subjected post-9/11? Do they really happen? Reading the article, you'll notice that the people behind the campaign make no claim whatsoever or being against murderous terrorism, the 9/11 attacks or suicide bombings in their attempt to paint an "accurate picture of their religion". Why don't they? Because they feel that the potential ends justify their inhumane means. Plain and simple.
I love it when politicians don't mince their words..

Condoleezza Rice was interviewed on FoxNews this morning and had some strong words about Iraq. You should definitely read the whole interview, but I'll post some the juicier tidbits below:

RICE: Iraq was supposed to file a full and complete declaration about its weapons of mass destruction and their programs...

SNOW: On December 7th.

RICE: ... on December 7th. Instead, they filed a declaration that everybody knows was a joke -- 12,200 pages of nothing. They have not cooperated with the inspectors. They give a little bit here on process, a little bit there to show that a few people can be interviewed in a hotel, which is clearly monitored.

But when it comes to answering the tough questions about VX or anthrax, or those mobile biological laboratories, that now many people have told us exist, the Iraqis have failed to do that.

So they're not cooperating. They're deceiving.

[...]SNOW: The French and Germans are saying inspections are working, we need more time, we need more inspectors.

RICE: I don't understand how anybody can say inspections are working. Hans Blix and ElBaradei sit there and talk about the need for more Iraqi cooperation.

They talk about their inability to answer certain critical questions about what happened to VX, what happened to anthrax, what happened to botulinim toxin.

The inspectors were never sent there to be detectives. The inspectors were not sent there to give him a final chance to be inspected. They were sent there to verify his disarmament.

[...]SNOW: How much time does Saddam have left?

RICE: Weeks, not months.

[...]SNOW: There are some press accounts saying that the administration is rattled by street protests that occurred in the United States and around the world yesterday. You rattled?

RICE: No. Nothing could be further from the truth. People have the right to protest. People can say what they think. But the fact of the matter is, they're not saying what they think in Baghdad, because that's a regime that cuts people's tongues out if they say what they think.

NYC anti-war protests

Asparagirl has a new photoblog on which she posted some fantastic photos that she took at yesterday's anti-war protests in NYC. A young classmate's taunt rings oh-so-true today: "It's hard to believe that these idiots beat, like, a billion other sperm".