Thursday, February 27, 2003

Won't you be my neighbour?

The beloved Mr. Rogers passed away yesterday. He will be missed by thousands of children.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

From the mouth of babes

I often gloat about how my nine-year old sister Leorah is turning out to be conservative just like my dad and I, but her comments tonight were more priceless than ever, so I thought I'd share.

We were sitting at the dining room table doing homework when she jumped up and said "YOU will NEVER believe what I saw on TV today. There was this girl and she was 14 and she was having a baby!". "Really?" I replied. "Yes. And do you know what that means?" she asked, "It means that she's only fourteen and she's already gotten married and had thing". "Thing?" I asked, to which she cringed and yelled out "YOU KNOW!!!....the s-word!". So then I said to her "Leorah, how do you know she was married?", to which she replied "...because she's having a baby!".

Ok ok, I admit it...the fact that she's nine probably has more to do with her social conservatism than do her political views, but makes me happy.

Update: I should probably clarify...I'm not much of a social conservative and I know that abstinence 'til marriage can't really be associated with conservative views anymore (in fact I can't really find anyone with those views anymore...), but I just said Leorah's views were conservative 'cause ideas like that are usually referred to as being conservative. Hmm...that doesn't make all that much sense now does it? Oh well.
Happy B-Day mom!!

Happy Birthday to my mom who turned twenty today.....for the 28th time.
Our Peace Partners

Effrat, February 23, 2003
Harvey Tannenbaum

Tonight, we sat back with our mouths wide open and frozen in anger and disbelief. As Ronny Daniel, Colonel M. and soldiers entered an Arab's house in Schechem, the cameras were filming the three floor 'find' of the IDF Golani heroes today. The 'family' of Arab men, women, and children were escorted out of this house before the IDF engineering unit began to cut apart the tiles of the kitchen floor. The area below the kitchen was filled with hundreds of bags of nails, bolts, and screws in quantities that were apparently more than ACE Hardware's supply in your local mall! The heating and soldering machines were assembled with oil, gas, and combustible materials for the next tens of bus bombs being assembled.

On the second floor of this 'residential house of militants, activists, and residents' (sic), the cameras followed the explaining Colonel M. and our correspondent, Ronny, and we watched as more of our IDF soldiers were removing the walls of the 'kids' bedrooms' to find hand grenades, guns that the Arabs had received and stored. On the 3rd floor of this house, the camera crew captured the bomb belts, their pieces and parts with all sizes, colors, and widths of belts, again more choices than your local belt rack in Nordstrom!

As the officer and soldiers went to the next house in search, the soldier began to shout excitedly on his find in this house. Here we watched again and saw dynamite sticks and fuses inside kids' school bags which our kids carry with school books. There must have been dozens of assembled school bags with bombs inside. Cellular phones and clocks were discovered which are the alleged methods of detonation by remote control of some of the Arabs' terror.

The Colonel M. stated to the correspondent inside Schechem's Casbah that the IDF is now here for months to clean up, capture, destroy as much of these terror tools as possible.

I turned off the TV as I knew that this rare habit of watching the news was dangerous to my health, but tonight's coverage of why we and our soldiers have to go house to house to search and destroy rather than utilize our airforce in one night will not be covered by CNN, BBC, or Reuters. Instead we will be faced with possible IDF injuries or G-d forbid deaths in the coming weeks of this long delayed action by the IDF.
As if we're so united now anyway...

French PM says Iraq war would divide the world.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Does it get any better than this?

Go to the "Students for War" website to see more of their great posters. Their tagline is fabulous too...."If you don't like Hitler or Saddam, visit our website".


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"We have but stones with which to protect ourselves..."

A masked Palestinian prepares to fire a rocket at an Israeli armored car.
The world is nucking futs

The incomparable Mark Steyn chronicles some of the more irritating and inconceivable steps taken to appease the wrath of fundamentalist Islam over the past year.

1. Last month, Judge Beaumont, the Common Serjeant of London, ruled that, in the case of a Muslim cleric accused of inciting the murders of Jews and Hindus, no Jews or Hindus or the spouses thereof could serve on the jury.

2. On January 21st, the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported that the Court of Appeals in Eidsivating had acquitted a Middle Eastern immigrant of raping a retarded woman on the grounds that he had only lived 12 years in Norway and so could not be expected to understand her condition.

The man was 22 years old. Thus, he had lived virtually his entire conscious life in Norway. But the court ruled that his insufficient understanding of the language was a mitigating factor. He was a cab driver and the woman was his customer. She paid for the ride with a "TT" card -- a form of transport subsidy for the handicapped, which he evidently recognized because he accepted it. Nonetheless, because of his "cultural background," an adult who'd lived in Norway since he was 10 years old could not be expected to know that this woman was mentally incapacitated and that he should not assault her.

Day going a little too well? Fear can get the rest of the ludicrous article here.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Plagued by guilt...

This morning at Robarts Library, my semi-conscious self watched a guy stealing a student's wallet right out of her bag. Now, of course, I didn't know he was a thief at the time. I had seen this young woman place her bag on a table next to a couple of other bags and head off to, what I presumed to be, the washroom. A few minutes later, the guy casually strolled by, approached the table and started rummaging through the stuff on the table. I didn't think anything of it until the girl came to ask me if I had seen someone going through her bag. I admitted that I had but had not realized that it had been a thief. Also, I hadn't paid much attention to what he was doing, since I had no real reason to be suspicious. Unfortunately, she lost 70$ (as well as the sense of security she used to feel in the library). I think the reason I missed it was because:

a) I was actually half asleep at the time
b) the guy didn't look nervous at all. In fact, he was so casual about the whole thing that I thought it was his bag!

All this makes me wonder, though. If I had realized that the guy was a thief, would I have had it in me to run up to a complete stranger and say "I don't know you or the owner of that bag, but you're a thief! Stop right there!"? I think it's easier said than done. We 'd all like to think we'd save the day, but you immediately start second guessing yourself: "Maybe he's her boyfriend", "Maybe she was holding his bag", "Maybe I'm seeing wrong". I mean, no one wants to seem rude to someone who wasn't actually a thief, right? Most likely, if I had been sure of myself, I probably would've said "Excuse me. Is that yours?". But what good would that have done? It's not like he would've dropped his head in shame and said "No".
Go Norah Go

I'm happy to announce that despite the fact that fashion and personality-challenged Canadian Avril Levigne was nominated to death, it was, in fact, the vocally gifted Norah Jones who cleaned up at the Grammys last night.

I like her music because there's no way she could get away with having a lousy voice by pumping up the volume of the background music, as attempted by Levigne. This girl actually has talent.
New turf
I'll be spending the week studying at the University of Toronto (Robarts case anyone wants to come visit). It's certainly bigger and more impersonal than McGill, but I'll let you know how it goes!
Move over comes Israel!

Israel's first-ever Olympic bobsled reached speeds approaching 120 km/h at a practice session at Calgary's Olympic Park.

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Camera Shy?

Men Get Their Turn for Nude War Protest
250 Australian Men Strip, Lay Down to Spell 'Peace Man' to Protest Support of U.S. Iraq Policy

There were, however, no pictures of the event available for posting. Shame.

UPDATE: Turns out that the Toronto Sun printed a picture of the naked men. And now I know why it wasn't in mass release. And for those of you who were wondering, no...I did not go out and buy the Toronto Sun....Ii found a copy on the subway.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Life of Palestinians

UPI had this 'Letter from Gaza: Night and day' on their site today. Life sure sounds hellish for these Palestinians, and even though my stance on MidEast politics is pretty tough and unbending, I don't wish this kind lifestyle on Palestinians in general. There's no reason why their kids shouldn't be in schools, on playgrounds, playing soccer in the streets. They're kids, they're no different from anyone else's kids. Their suffering is yet another reason why the IDF should find a way to enter the 'territories' and wipe out anyone and everyone with terrorist ideas, plans or desires. Enough is enough.