Sunday, March 09, 2003

Is it any wonder the French public has been so brainwashed into being anti-war?
An investigation has revealed that the "death" of Mohammed Al-Dura (the Palestinian boy who was "killed" in the cross fire of an exchange between the Israeli army and a bunch of Palestinian terrorists, was actually a staged event. And there are even questions as to whether the boy actually died. There is no evidence one way or the other.
The best part? The French media which originally broke the news refuses to air the documentary which debunks the story and shows how the naive French media was duped by the Palestinians.
With a media which is so naive, duplicitous and outright biased, is it any wonder that Chiraq is able to sell his lies so effectively to a public which is being fed this kind of garbage?
The Canadian Government has decided to assist the USA in the war against terrorism:

The Canadians have agreed to send:
- 2 of their largest battle ships
- 6,000 ground troops
- 6 fighter jets
When the exchange rate is applied, the USA will receive:
- 1 canoe
- 2 mounties
- 12 flying squirrels
You know things are bad when...
The Pope has joined the idiotarians.
As our Rabbi asked this Saturday, while the Pope has asked people to pray for peace in Iraq, who was he praying for when thousands of young boys were (and still are) abused by Cardinals and priests everywhere in the world? Were his prayer directed at making sure the truth would not be discovered? Did he ask people to pray for the 15 people massacred by Arafat's buddies in Haifa last week, most of them teenagers going to school? Oh but sorry, these were mostly Jews, I forgot. This Pope sent his envoys to talk to Saddam, to Bush and to whomever still takes him seriously to try and prevent war in Iraq. Did he send his envoys to talk to the PA, to Hamas, to Hizbollah to ask them to stop massacring innocent Isreali children and women? Remember, this is the same Pope who is about to canonize the Pope who basically did nothing to intervene for the Jews during WWII. Some think that Pope actually tacitly was condoning the Holocaust, although the evidence is thin. But if the Pope at the time did not use his moral authority to at least try to stop the Holocaust, does it not make him an implicit accomplice? And he is about to be canonized?
Now John Paul shows his opposition to the war by exposing his one-sidedness and his bias. A war which may result in some collateral victims among Iraqis is wrong. A war which has resulted in thousands of Israelis and Palestinian deaths is OK. Well, at least, it is not something to worry about.
Time for the Vatican to institute a retirement plan for senile Popes.